All based on what I heard. ( I don’t know what else to do with these! ;w; )

Klonoa: Whoo-wah?
Where are we?

Ghadius: Vwal, hak.
It’s you, little brat.

Klonoa: Ghadi!

Huepow: Pe-Kaw! (Pika!)
Dark Spirit!

Ghadius: Ela-shla-goe, Joke?
Your mistake, Joka?

Joka (Note: hearing him was difficult): VEEEE!

Va deum kum devo voko dkum,
Umm, err, these young ones were so strong,

Dkeum dunkum dka dunk-dnk!
I mean that is to say…

Ghadius: Òeh
Never mind.

Joka: Geeeh.

Klonoa: Ghadi! Wah-va-ze PO?!
Ghadius! What do you want?!

Ghadius:Dwolo? Heh, heh, heh… Gewti ee vi gold.
Want? Heh, heh, heh… This is just simple revenge.

Klonoa: Wahoo?

Ghadius:Sí. Guez vowz nez… alge devoul…
Yes. Fools with foolish dreams like you imprisoned me in darkness…

Vewl, dev ale eeg gal-lualzch!
Well, I’ll plunge all of you and your world into a sea of nightmares!

Gag-golok ale oovolio.
We have the Diva Lephise in our hands.

Mal mez ow-oo  ahi gold ban gooch.
The Moon Kingdom will bear the egg of destruction…

…Glay-vee izz neezio dal-shòm.
…And soon appear unto these lands.

Al goom…
The time has come…

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